We had a customer come in the Saturday before Christmas and buy all of our furniture. No. Really. ALL of it. Now, we’ve had customers buy most of it before and we’ve sold ALL of it before in a day to multiple customers but I think this is the first time one person has bought it all. We met this lovely lady today btw and can’t wait to see the furniture in her new space.

Anyway, I digress. So we sold all the things and while we had both been working on more things -we hadn’t been working with a whole lot of conviction…so we needed to kick that conviction into high gear! I had an entertainment center/buffet/cool cabinet about 75% done and a table that had about 90% of the prep done but none of the pretty (and four chairs that were done to go with it). I also had a bedroom set waiting for 100% love. Tracyne had a table she’d worked on a good deal but no chairs and a complete bedroom set that she was still thinking about. That’s a really wordy way of saying “Crap on a cracker-we weren’t ready!”. Painted furniture can’t be rushed. It’s got to be prepped properly and then primed and painted and sealed and sanded.

I spent Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day and the day after that locked in my shop finishing up the table and entertainment center since I was closest to completed pieces and Tracyne set to kick that bedroom set into high gear, knowing it would be at least a week before completion.

Today we once again loaded up what was finished into the truck to refill the booth. I woke the 16 year old up on his day off at the (and I quote here), “ungodly hour” of ten am and made him phone a friend to help us load the things into the back of my station wagon and Tracyne’s truck. And once again we found our selves spatially challenged. With the chairs in the back of the wagon and the table at an angle that required one leg to rest in a tiny open window at the back of a cab we finally were able to get the entertainment center mostly in the truck. We bungee’d it in and then stood back to assess our work. Flashes of suicidal mattresses flashed through our minds. There was only one thing to do. “Dylan, hop up into the back of the truck and hang onto everything the best you can!” And with that, Tracyne headed out with me following (both with our hazard lights on and praying the whole way!). Thankfully Butler’s is only 9 minutes from Madison’s Target but only 5 minutes from my house (7 minutes driving really slow with the hazard lights on and a 16 year old in the back holding on to furniture).

No furniture suicides. No accidents. We rolled up to Butlers Easy Pickins in one piece and with all our pieces (although the 16 year old was a wee bit cold).

So if you buy a piece of furniture…or all our pieces of furniture at Cotton and Clay Interiors please know, we might have worked through Christmas to bring it to you. We didn’t skimp on the prep or rush a paint job, we did it right. We might have traveled at ridiculously slow speeds with our hazard lights on to get it to you and we might have wedged a 16 year old boy who was awoken at an “ungodly hour” into the bed of the truck in hopes he could hold onto stuff.

We do it the right way because … well because it’s the right way and because we care about you receiving a quality product. We’ll keep doing this until the hazard lights burn out and/or we can’t hold a paint brush. We do this because we love it and we feel so blessed that y’all keep buying our things so that we can continue to do what we love!