We are always pickin’. We’ve been known to stop at random yard sales and work on things that were left for dead by the side of the road. 90% of our items however are purchased from someone, usually a homeowner but sometimes a dealer or from an auction house.
Aimee has a “guy”. He’s her top secret guy that comes across things from time to time in his moving business that people are tired of OR pieces that are just tired themselves. Sometimes the pieces are ugly ducklings waiting to be made into swans and sometimes they need a smidge of repair here or there.
Aimee’s guy called her last week and said he had an ugly duckling for her. It was a vanity that was in need of a tiny bit of repair and a whole lot of love from what we could see in the photos, so we headed out in Tracyne’s truck to pick her up!
Once we arrived at the top secret location and met with the top secret guy – our jaws dropped at just how much love this little vanity really needed. Y’all, it needed ALL the love! The photos kind of lied.
While we were standing there feeling sad for this little vanity and Aimee was trying to figure out if she had that kind of love (and Tracyne was probably thinking her partner had lost her ever lovin mind for even thinking about putting this ugly duckling in the truck) the top secret guy said “I also have this table!” and it was ON! We looked at the table and 6 chairs. Then we looked at a credenza, and then a mirror and then a coffee table and finally a couple of side tables. We definitely didn’t need those side tables. “Nope” said Aimee “No, to the side tables!”.
A price was agreed on and then into the truck went a table, 6 chairs, a mirror, a coffee table, an unloved vanity…and yep, you guessed it, two side tables. Aimee might need a 12 step program for unloved furniture!
Thankfully top secret guy had a friend and the ability to pack a truck with more furniture than looks like will ever fit – much like Tracyne and Aimee can pack a booth! He was also familiar with the straps that Aimee and Tracyne seem unable to master. About ten minutes, two straps and a bungee cord later we were off.
It felt good to have a truck full of soon to be swans. It felt even better to know none of it was going to take flight out of the back of the truck. We chatted and laughed and sang and solved all the worlds problems (including what to do with this little vanity) on the way home.
Everything was unpacked. Some of the items were stored in Aimee’s garage and others were placed in her “shop” in the house to be repaired and go to the front of the line for Swanhood.
We packed up a finished piece to drop off at Butlers Easy Pickins and laughed and chatted some more. It’s nice being in a job with someone you actually look forward to hanging out with! We may occasionally forget to eat lunch but we never forget to laugh!
The vanity is going to be a fun, creative project. She WILL be a swan when we’re finished with her! Those end tables will probably be an entirely different story.
Keep checking back with us to see the transformations of all the pieces we picked up! We’re even going to do a “live” soon to introduce you to the vanity!
Thanks for reading!