I was talking to a friend the other day about her kitchen. She hates her kitchen. HATES her kitchen. She also has a limited amount of discretionary money to make her kitchen into the one of her dreams. Sound familiar? Yea, me too.

She would love to paint her cabinetry but really doesn’t want to DIY it and can’t afford the 5-6k that has been estimated to pay someone to paint the cabinetry for her. She feels stuck. She’s frozen because she doesn’t feel like she can pick out any other finishes without first painting her cabinetry. She can’t afford to paint her cabinetry. She hates her kitchen. See the problem?

I think I blew her mind when I suggested we get started now. Now. BEFORE she can paint her cabinets. Let’s pick out all the other things and get them installed now and then you will be even more motivated to get the cabinet’s painted. For instance, we had a client once that hated her master bathroom so much. Her ex had helped decorate it with her and she was reminded of that every time she went in there. Imagine, being reminded of your ex every time you got ready for the day! Know what she did about it? NOTHING. She went on vacation, she bought new bags, she spent money on make-up. She just couldn’t get started because what she felt really needed to be done was replacing the shower first and foremost with a tiled one. Tiling a shower isn’t horribly expensive but it was overwhelming for her and just outside her budget. So, we painted that bathroom, we changed out her towels and accessories, we found thick, soft rugs for the room, we bought a pretty tiered, mirrored, tray to put all that make-up she had bought on to. And you know what? It looked really good when we got done. $500 got us from “ugh” to spa-like. But then there was that shower, sitting over there all ugly and not befitting of this beautiful new space. She quit buying more make-up, she quit buying bags and she scaled back on vacations and before she knew it, she had the money ($3800) to finish the shower. She was motivated to find that money to finish that shower to finally rid herself of its ugliness AND that ex! 

My friend needs to stop the vicious cycle of being paralyzed. Just because she knows she needs to paint her cabinetry doesn’t mean that she can’t find a counter surface that would look good now and amazing later with painted cabinets. Just because she can’t paint the cabinetry now doesn’t mean that she can’t tile that backsplash or change out the lighting to make the room more enjoyable to spend time in now. NOW. There are steps to these processes that can’t be overlooked too, for instance we would never suggest for instance, that she tile her backsplash first just because that’s the cheapest step. She needs to replace the counter surface and THEN tile so that the installation of both works based on depth of counter surface and where that tile starts. There are some steps that have an order that must be followed.

So we are picking out a perfect paint color. We will use that AND the existing wood color to find the perfect granite slab for her counters and the perfect subway tile to use after the granite is installed for her backsplash. She likes the paint color in the room but maybe we’ll update the lighting above the kitchen table in the adjacent space and freshen up the window treatments. All relatively easy projects that fit within her budget now (about $3000). They will give her decent bang for her buck to make the kitchen feel better to her while she saves to get those cabinets painted. Maybe we will even frame the cabinet paint swatch and put it in her space somewhere to remind her she has an end goal. 

I think I blew her mind a little with the whole “let’s get started now” conversation. She assumed that we wouldn’t even start work on her kitchen until she had those cabinets painted. Maybe some decorator’s wouldn’t. I don’t know. I only know that for us, making you feel good in your space is our number one priority and if that means we do it in stages…then so be it! If that means simple changes like the position of furniture gives you a flow that makes it feel better while you’re saving for the perfect rug…then so be it! If that means that painting a room to lighten the space and adding some artwork while you save for that amazing desk you want in your home office… then so be it!

Most people don’t have all the money in the world. We don’t. Most of our clients don’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get started today, NOW, getting your space better for you. It’s ok if you can’t do it all in one shot, we’ll work with you to do it in stages. Bathroom now and kitchen later or part of the bathroom now and finishing touches later. But stop procrastinating and get started now. 

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