From the very first time we met one another, Tracyne and I were finishing each other’s sentences. We have so much in common that the friendship and later partnership was easy and yet we are different enough that things remain interesting. We each love what we do and we do it for the same reasons; each of us love helping people, we love the satisfaction of knowing we helped a client – whether that be moving their existing furnishings around, redesigning a room from the ground up or shopping and sourcing material for the client to implement on her own. We are different enough to always bring a little something interesting to each other’s normal design aesthetic.

While our design aesthetics are very similar – classic, clean, collected – they are just different enough that we can complement one another. When picking out tile for a client recently for instance, each of us picked out a tile design (floor tile, wall tile, accent/niche tile) and they were similar enough to be interchangeable. Most of our designs are like that, interchangeable and most of the time when we present clients with choices they are a combination of things that each of us think would work in the clients space. We don’t present a Tracyne or an Aimee option but rather a combination of our choices. It’s very much like getting two decorator’s for the price of one.

Because there are two of us, it is rare that an appointment needs to be rescheduled. One of us is always available to talk or meet, even as the other is handling some other business need. It works out great for our clients and because we work so seamlessly together, we are able to bring each other up to speed on every aspect of our business on the occasions we need to work independently. When Tracyne went on vacation our client was still able to call me to meet at the lighting store to make adjustments to their lighting plan. When I recently came down with pneumonia, Tracyne was still able to make our scheduled appointments and keep me up to speed on the projects. It allows us to seamlessly work for you without any interruptions.

Much like the tile design for our client with bits and pieces of both of our design ideas being presented, we also bring two sets of eyes to each project. We see each space just slightly different and approach the way we “look” at each space slightly different ending in a complete view of your space. I might notice that a client is favoring a specific color while Tracyne notices that a client is moving a certain way in her space (traffic flow). When we sit down to review the questionnaire that we ask all of our clients to fill out, plan a clients space, discuss space use-age, all the way to the implementation of the design, we see things from two angles to give you a design that is complete.

A huge part of getting your space right is listening to you. We have an extensive questionnaire that helps us to better understand your needs but that doesn’t replace the actual conversations we have with you. As we talk we take down notes and ask questions. Two sets of ears allows us to get all the information so we don’t have as many follow-up questions. When we do need to ask follow-up questions they have been discussed beforehand, between Tracyne and I, to make sure we are asking the question in a way to get the truest answer from you.

On a recent shopping trip to source for a client’s family room and dining room we each canvassed the same store separately. We had of course both decided certain pieces would be perfect but there were also options that each of us missed independently. The legs, depth and lines of a sectional in the front of the store that Aimee missed was noticed by Tracyne, the height of a headboard that wouldn’t work that Tracyne noticed was easily dismissed by Aimee who had already measured it. Most of the items we chose were ones that each of us saw and thought perfect for the client, separately; when we both have picked out the same sideboard or the same sofa we know we are on the right path for our client.

Our goal is always to give you our best, our individual best wrapped into a cohesive design by “us”. One of us is always available for you. Similar design aesthetics (classic, clean, collected and always interesting), two sets of eyes, two sets of ears, two shoppers, always available – this is us.

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