So you are thinking of hiring us but are unsure of the process? 

Maybe you are intimidated or a little scared about the whole process? It doesn’t have to be scary. It shouldn’t BE scary. I’m going to try to break it down for you so you know exactly what you need, why you need it and how to get it. 

First let me tell you that we are not scary. We are not snooty. We aren’t going to come into your space and judge you. Those are all the things we aren’t. You know what we are? We are the people who want to come in to your space and help you make it yours, we want you to be HAPPY. Happy with your space and happy with how we helped you.

When we shop for furniture, lighting, flooring, decor we do so with your budget in mind, whether that is a budget you are giving us to spend or a budget that you will use to buy the things yourself. A lot of times there are discounts we receive that we pass on to you at flooring/tile/granite shops, lighting stores, furniture stores – we don’t keep that commission the stores offer us, it goes to you so you can get the most bang from your buck. We will shop at high-end stores and mid range stores and box stores to  utilize your budget the most wisely – spending more on the items that you will have for a long time and picking up decor items that you might tire of at places like TJ Max or Home Goods. We are budget conscience in our own homes and we transfer that ideology over to every project we complete for clients. Because we do this a lot, we know where the deals are and we know that your thrift store lamp, a can of spray paint and a new shade from Target will take you from blah to WOW! We can advise you when to hire someone to repaint a piece because it’s going to give you as much bang as new chairs for a fraction of the cost. You may need to purchase some things or a whole room of things to get the look you want but we do it on budget. YOUR budget. We lay it out for you if you need to do it in stages so you are starting out the right way and you can get started NOW. 

Our clients hire us for a variety of reasons – they are too busy to even think about the details, they don’t know where to start, they can’t see what their space “could” be, they are afraid of making a mistake, they are not sure what their style is, they have tried to make their space feel right and haven’t quite gotten there and don’t know why, their lives have changed and they want their spaces to reflect that. Their budgets range from large to conservative. Does any of that sound like you? Yea, I thought so. 

So you think you might need us to come into your space and help you…what do you do first? How much is this going to cost? How does it all work? 

After you email us about a consult, the first thing we will have you do is fill out our questionnaire. It helps us to understand who you are. Do you have pets? Children? What HGTV show do you most enjoy? What styles do you think you like best? Is there a color you love or sometimes even more important, is there a color you know you detest? What are you going to use the room for? 

We’ll set up an appointment to come to your home and meet with you. That appointment price depends on what you think you are going to have us do. 

For as little as $75 we can come into your home, look at a room that isn’t working for you and make suggestions over the course of an hour. That’s what we call a One Hour Mini Consultation. It’s exactly what it sounds like and there is nothing mysterious about it. We had a client recently that had three tiles she liked for her kitchen and two granite samples. She just couldn’t figure out which went with which. We came out and for $75 we looked at all her samples and chose the best combination. For the duration of the time we had scheduled for her we answered her questions for other improvements in that space, we discussed how to position the tile, whether to use the granite 4 inch backsplash under the tile or take the tile to the counter top (she had a weird configuration with a raised island), we discussed how wide to grout the tile and then because there was time, we chose a paint color for her cabinets that she could use down the road when her budget allowed her to paint the cabinets. $75 to avoid picking the wrong tile/granite combination with the bonus of getting insight into a whole bunch of other details she hadn’t even considered. 

Maybe you have a blank canvas of a room or you need help with multiple rooms. We have plans for that too. We can source your items in a One Hour Sourced Consult or do multiple rooms in our Three Hour Sourced Consult. Again, we come into your space and help you decide what needs to happen to make the space right. But instead of just talking about it, here we give you examples on your very own Pinterest Board. One of our favorite examples of this is a client we call Phoenix Rising. A professional woman, recently divorced and wanting a fresh start. She loves shopping and has a good eye but she couldn’t figure out where to start and didn’t have the time. We went into her space and figured out the size and style her buffet needed to be, the colors she wanted to use in the space and how to use those colors to get the look she wanted. We measured for the length of drape and rug under the dining table. We then pinned examples of the style of drape, the look of theIMG_1531 buffet and the type of rug we thought would look best in her space. She actually chose some of the exact items we pinned off Wayfair and Overstock and had them delivered. We went on to complete this exact same process for her in several more rooms of her home (utilizing the Three Hour Multi Sourced Consult) allowing her to reclaim the space as hers and it is STUNNING! $250 to map out a plan for her to follow as her time and budget allowed.

Maybe you have a very limited budget or you have a lot of great things you want to use in your space but are not sure how to put it all together and don’t have the time or energy to get it done. We have a $75 Redecorate consult for that. We come into your home, look at your space and what you already have and we work with it to make it work better for you. We charge a flat $50 per hour for hanging art, reconfiguring furniture, staging bookcases, etc. We’ve done spaces in as little as 4 hours and as lengthy as 30 hours over the course of a few days for a whole house. After the initial consult we will figure out an estimate of time and present that at your second meeting. IF there is something that you don’t have and we think you need, we will leave you that detailed information so you can complete the look at your own pace later. For as little as $275 we have gone in to a home and used all the customer’s own art and accessories and took the space from ho-hum to fabulous! One particular client was CONVINCED she was a farmhouse girl because she loved everything about the style but when we started looking through the things she loved the most, not a one of them was actually farmhouse at all. So we used what she had, and made a few suggestions for future purchases that perfectly blended who she REALLY was which was some combination of colorful, bohemian, farmhouse lovely. Her room was one of a kind and absolutely represented who she REALLY was! $275 to repurpose what she already had instead of throwing everything away to try to replicate a style she thought was her but was really anything but. 

And finally, we will do a full consult for you ($150). We come into your space and we measure everything. We take a ton of photos. We listen, listen and listen some more to get the look you want as specific as possible. We are usually in your home an hour or two depending on the space. After we get that work done, we look at what all will go into redecorating your space and we meet with you a second time to go over all the things we think you need and how long it will take us to find them for you. And then when you agree, we get to shopping for you. We take photos, we take measurements, we bring you samples and at our third meeting, we lay it all out for you, usually with choices for you to decide upon and then purchase. There will be a floor plan and usually an artistic rendering of some aspect of the room so that you can “see” how the space will look after. We leave you with all the specifics of the space and usually a list of tradespeople to complete it. You can contact us with questions as the process gets underIMG_8415way and we can even come out and check on progress for you if you decide you want that service. Recently we completed a bedroom for a young tween where we did all the before mentioned things but in addition to finding all the specifics for her room, we went out and actually purchased them and put them in place for the client. All the client had to do was bring her daughter into the room and say “TADA!” (We aren’t contractors so we can’t do this on a remodel). $2200 TOTAL to be her daughters hero for giving her a glam, grown up space without lifting a finger! 

What are you waiting for? Email us today to get started! 


PS For photos of our work, check out past projects in our gallery!


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