We were recently on a Facebook group page where people post photos of rooms they’ve decorated and/or can ask questions regarding decorating. We witnessed an interaction where a woman posted a dining room that she had redecorated and was obviously proud of that. Several of the comments went something like this.

“OMG, I can’t believe you went with that wall color, its way too bright and you should seriously think about spending the money on a nicer table!” 

“Agreed, way too much color for me! The table isn’t THAT bad but 1990 called and they want their light fixture back. Change that light fixture and repaint ASAP!” 

“Yes to all of the above! I prefer a more neutral space. Way too much going on!”

The whole conversation left us feeling icky. Who were these women and who did they think they were? The poor woman who posted her dining room had to have felt attacked. She was obviously proud of what she had accomplished because she posted it. It didn’t appear she was asking for suggestions or critique, but rather was showing her design aesthetic. Again, who did these women think they were? The last comment really rubbed us the wrong way…”I prefer a more neutral space.”…well, good for you but this isn’t about YOU! Of course then we started thinking about all the people that weren’t commenting but were watching this tear down of a room that someone was proud of. What were they thinking? Were they too afraid to post photos of rooms they were proud of now? Did they have a similar love of color and were now questioning it? The whole purpose of the Facebook group was supposed to be about supporting one another and bouncing ideas off of one another and giving people a place to post the rooms they had finished and were proud of as possible inspiration for others. 

We reached out to the woman who had posted her dining room in a private message and congratulated her for her brave design choices and apologized on behalf of all humankind for some of the comments. A conversation then ensued and through it we found out a lot about her. She LOVES color in her spaces, the table and chairs were her late mother’s and she didn’t have the budget to replace the light fixture right now but wanted to eventually. She showed us photos of other rooms in her home that she loved and inspiration photos she used as springboards for her design in the dining room. She seemed like a lovely, lively person that had indeed felt attacked on that post and was rethinking everything she had done. After several days of sporadic conversation she started asking us some questions about her space. We didn’t advise her to change the paint color because she loved it. She didn’t advise her to replace the table because it comforted her. We did suggest some affordable light fixtures that she could purchase when her budget allowed. We did suggest some very simple design/decor tweaks to make the room SING in a way that would be uniquely HER. She was receptive to all of it because it spoke to her. It spoke to her because we took the time to get to know her and we weren’t trying to shove her into a predetermined box. 

The whole interaction was a perfect example of why we do what we do. Our personal style is very collected and layered and yet clean. No bright colors for either of us. Tracyne’s home is a little French country and Aimee’s home is a little more transitional but none of that matters when we step into your home. Our job is to help you get to a point where your home SINGS for YOU!

If your space is small and your furniture is oversized – we will suggest smaller scale pieces if you are in a position to replace now but we’ll also leave you with the information if you need to wait and purchase later. Love bold color? Awesome, we can show you how to maximize that without going overboard. Love a more neutral decor? Great, we can help you keep it interesting by adding in texture and subtle pattern mixing. Love the farmhouse look but don’t live in Waco, TX? We can help added touches of farmhouse to get you the “look” using what you already have as a springboard in most cases. 

Everything we do should start with what YOU love. The absolute best room designs start with YOU, the homeowner, and what you love – rugs, art, furniture – it doesn’t matter what the starting point is, only that you love it, that it makes your heart SING! We’ve designed a whole room around a chandelier. We’ve designed a kitchen around a clients collection of china to be displayed. We designed a dining room and then later, adjoining rooms off of a large piece of art on the wall. None of those spaces were anything like our style. Each one centered around the clients love of a piece and we brought in texture and suggested purchasing items and/or using items they already had to give a collected look.

These are YOUR spaces. Make them YOUR spaces! Who cares what anyone else thinks? THEY don’t live in your home. A version of purple is the color of the year, we aren’t suggesting everyone paint their interior spaces purple. The farmhouse style is still going strong but it isn’t for everyone. Don’t let anyone, including television shows, define your style. Don’t allow society to put you in a decorating “box”. 

Decorating is all about YOU being YOU!

We’re going to let you in on a little secret – a lot of our clients are having a hard time figuring out what their style is, most of our clients know what they want and where to get it but just don’t have confidence in themselves – they need someone to bounce ideas off of and reassure them that they aren’t making a mistake and/or redirect them when they might be making a mistake. Several of our clients know exactly what their style is but don’t have the time to cultivate it in their space. If you are struggling, you aren’t alone. If you have lost confidence in your ability to choose things, you aren’t alone. If you are super busy and just want someone to get it done for you, you aren’t alone. Let us help you get a space that is YOU. Let us help YOU be YOU

PS Be nice out there in the online world. Support each other, it feels really good! 

Aimee and Tracyne