The pool house was so much fun to work on! Y’all, so many yummy colors!


Obviously, a pool house was going to be a little different than the main residence will be. There is a lighter attitude and a looser aesthetic that happens in a space like this. The general feeling was one of fun but we also needed to keep maintenance in mind as well as the ability to withstand teens, wet towels and sleep overs. This family wasn’t afraid of color and truth be told, instead of pushing them into color we had to restrain them a tiny bit. We think we struck the perfect balance in this space. We’ve discussed and posted a ton on this project over the week on our social media accounts but this is our wrap up with all the final details. 


The client fell in love with a rug we included in a mood board and that really kind of set the pace. When we were working on finding furnishings that could hold up in a pool house environment and also wouldn’t break the bank, the orange sofa’s with white piping were stand outs. We actually were sitting across from one another with our laptops open doing searches when we both said, “Oooh what about this one?” and turned our lap tops around to face each other only to laugh when we realized we had both chose the same sofa! Between the rug and the sofa’s that was a good bit of saturated color combined with the teal walls. We knew we would need to find balance through out the room by adding in bits of orange and teal through out the other side of the space (kitchen area). We added vibrant art pieces, some bright orange wreaths we found for a steal, bounced the orange across the room in the bar stools and added pops of color on the kitchen shelf. The client had access to some great, affordable, low maintenance furniture that we took advantage of in way of the kitchen table where instead of orange, we opted for a softer teal color. While adding all that color we also paid close attention to balance white by adding in white and some heavy wood tones (bridging the gap between the great LVT the homeowner had already chosen) and some of the furniture pieces we found) to ground it all wherever we thought there was a need. We finished off the space with more white in the kitchen on the kitchen cabinets, gray on the countertops (that run through that window and out onto the large entertainment area beyond per the homeowners plan) and a sparkly teal mosaic tile backsplash. Fun but not Cutesy. 


Each teen chose colors for their bedrooms and we had a quick meeting with each to get their perspectives on their spaces after hearing Moms ideas. One bedroom was outfitted in a yummy coral and gray theme with modern shelving and soft tones through out. Very soft and feminine but not cutesy or too dramatic. The other chose a teal blue and gray theme with a laid back almost bohemian vibe and room for guests. Each wanted full length mirrors, storage options, friend boards and fun lighting. We anchored each room in a mid tone gray to compliment the LVT on the floors and keep the rooms moody but light. We continued the LVT through the main bath and added pops of color through out the space while in the private front bath, we went for a beautiful penny like tile that we carried up the wall and kept the colors more sedate and modern. 


All in all we love how the spaces turned out but we did have a few things to overcome right from the start. The front bedroom had a tiny closet and a narrow footprint that we and the homeowner remedied with a sliding door, floating night stands with hanging pendants above each, a lingerie chest, elevated bed frame to fit storage below and wall mounted headboard. In the kitchen there wasn’t a ton of room for cabinets and we wanted to keep it light so we added floating chunky shelves in addition to the upper cabinets and turned the corner with them bringing them right up to the garage door style window the clients had chosen. The garage door style window came with silver metal hardware that was quickly remedied by a coat of black paint. There was an odd ending to the countertops natural backsplash area with a light plate straddling the line that we remedied by taking the backsplash in that area all the way to the floor. A little magic was necessary in the sitting area. Because of the closet area jutting into the room (originally this was to display a dart board) the space for a rug was interupted. Our solution was to take the larger rug all the way under one sofa, just under the front legs of the other sofa and allowing the sofa to be off center on that back window. The magic was in ignoring it and adding a lower shelving unit and tall silk tree in the corner to fill the space, tricking the eye into ignoring that the sofa is off center on the window. Finally, the homeowner really wanted pullout sofas’s which we just couldn’t find in the color or fabrics that she desired and so a plan for a murphy bed was hatched and the entertainment center with bed enclosed was born. We made suggestions and the homeowner went out and found the stunner that sits in the space now. Poofs round out the space giving it balance where balance was needed in addition to extra seating (we also added floor cushions under the coffee table) and a tall woven basket mimics the pot the tree is in and gives the family a place to store extra bedding or pool towels. 


We love what we do! This was such a fun project!


Wall color in main living areas and bathrooms – SW Festoon Aqua 0019

Wall color in bedrooms – SW Chelsea Gray 2850

Trim – SW Extra White 7006

Cabinetry – SW Ice Cube 6252

Flooring – Firmfit San Marino 

Kitchen Backsplash – Delta Mosaics Iris Gloss

Granite – Silver Gray

Bathroom Floor and inset – MJR Mosaic Bellevue Circle Seattle Collection

Shower Stall – Everyday Lifestyle Essentials Soho White


Tile and Granite – Surface World 

1037 US Hwy 72 

Athens, AL 35611



General Contractor – Bobby Terry Company

110 Robyn Street

Athens, AL 35611



All Paint – Sherwin Williams


Lighting – MEWS

811 US Hwy 72 W

Athens, AL 35811






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