After all the holiday décor is down a space can feel dull and barren. Use this time to get a fresh start!


  • Rearrange furniture. Try moving the furniture around to see if there is a better placement. Swap furniture from different rooms – try bringing in pieces from other rooms. This is a great time to do a little experimenting and to take inventory of what you have, what is working and what you need to look for while shopping. 
  • Update throw pillows, throws and/or slip covers on sofas and chairs for a fresh look. Throw pillows are an easy and relatively inexpensive way of updating a space. You can even purchase covers for your existing pillows. Try a large tone on tone plaid, rich velvet in a navy or fur to finish out the winter season. Mix the sizes by combining 16″ with lumbar!
  • Fresh flowers. Nothing livens up a space like fresh flowers, add a bouquet at a buffet or on the coffee table. Even a faux plant will add life to a space – so many today look real! Plant flowering bulbs in pretty containers and force inside.
  •  Declutter. Take everything off the buffets, sofa tables, end tables coffee tables, shelves and then add pieces back one at time always leaving plenty of open space on the surfaces. Remember that odd numbered groupings are usually the most appealing to the eye – think 3,5,7. Or go for an asymmetrical look by grouping 3 items on one side of a buffet and one larger, heavier, item on the other side – look for weighted balance. 
  •  Wipe down floor trim and touch up paint as necessary.


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