We’re all in this together.

Life is a little surreal for everyone today. What started off as everyone looking for toilet paper now feels much more grim; it sounds like this is going to last a little longer and so many people are being affected way beyond toilet paper. If you are one of those people that is here locally, please reach out to us. Maybe there is something we can help with or maybe we know someone that can help. Maybe you just need to vent or talk…we can always help with that.

Life at Cotton and Clay Interiors looks very different right now too. We both have family members that fall into the most at risk category that we worry about. My youngest is a high school senior missing out on his senior year. Tracyne’s youngest has been out of state. We both worry about our grandchildren.

We so miss the interaction with our clients up close and personal. We miss shopping and finding the perfect fabric or lamp to complete a space. We miss visiting your homes. It seems a little shallow but we have always treated this less about beauty and more about cohesiveness, functionality, making spaces work and making spaces that feel good. We can’t think of a better time to have your space work for you than right now and yet there is so much more going on in the world.

We want to give everyone a little break from their realities too. We can use this blog to talk about sprucing up the house or finding the perfect color for a wall. We have heard from several realtor friends that people are wanting out of their homes after being cooped up for even this short time…maybe we can help you fall in love with your home again. We can use this blog to delve deeper than we can on social media to tell you about ourselves.

We are working on a couple of design plans that will be delivered via e design right now. We always thought this was something we needed to do more of but we never really had the time to spend to figure out how to make it work well. Oddly enough both e designs are rec rooms for teens. We went from not having a rec room in our portfolio to having TWO and both in E format now. 🙂

Our Manly Man Cave is a design with options (we always give options). Both options are centered on washable neutrals and comfy seating. Think mens suit materials, warm leathers and rustic woods paired with either brightly colored wall art (framed jerseys, small color photos matted in large white mats, teen artwork) or with more sedate pieces (wood floating shelves with pottery, potted plants, and only small pops of color). We can wait to show you our plans for this space.

Our Family Hang Out is a design with options (again, we always give options) too. Lots of customization to fit the space to a T and utilize every square inch and a secondary option with more ready made items (that can be replaced with custom items down the road if they choose) and storage absolutely everywhere. This design is crisp, clean and classic while still being fun.

More on both of these including photos later!

We’re tossing around a bunch of ideas…painting tutorials, recipe sharing, free design Fridays…we are in this together with you!

Today we plan to do the following things:

Take a walk
Clean a closet
Bake some bread
Make a donation drop
Plan our potted plantings on the back porch (hopefully it will be warm and sunny enough soon to spend most of our time outdoors)

Listening to John Paul White – The Hurting Kind and Pandora 1985’s Spring Break

Just finished reading Girl Last Seen by Nina Laurin (dark and disturbing like Gone Girl if you liked that – we did not)

Dinner – Tater Tot Casserole (it feeds alot!)

Be Safe, Stay Well.


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