A month plus after our last blog post about the Covid-19 Pandemic and here we still are…in isolation and waiting on the all clear to start entering back into the world. Thankfully our immediate families have been safe. Aimee’s sister and husband brother in law both had it in New Jersey but are thankfully well now. Her daughter that lives with her,  was sick with what the doctors “thought” very well could be covid but she eventually got the results back and they were negative – it was a scary those few days of not knowing. 

It’s been a long month for the two of us. We are so very similar and yet so completely different. We should do the Myers Briggs personality test to see where our differences lie. I would bet we compliment one another in strengths and weaknesses as well as personality pieces to encompass the full range. You can take the test HERE

So while Tracyne has found her creative juices and been honing her craft and painting bunches of amazing things…I have a hard time sitting (idly or not). Every drawer in the house has been reorganized, rooms have been repainted, closets have been purged, and good LORD things have been baked and consumed….so many things! Whew I wish I liked perspiring more…I would be rocking a healthier weight right now.

We are doing a few tele consults on some remodels and have enjoyed doing a few Freebie Friday advice/mini design plans. We are seriously itching to physically get in some spaces though. I want to measure and graph and reconstruct a room. I want to go into stores to find the perfect chair or the perfect lamp or both. We have jobs that we are waiting to complete and plans we are waiting to present. Make no mistake, we are ready to get back to work but we are willing to wait until it is safe to do it. So much of what we do is in and out of various homes, stores and suppliers each day. A lot of exposure that we want to make sure we don’t bring into your homes so our appointments will be even more spread out when we start making them again. We will have to scale back even more. The wait might be a little longer.

Anyway, just wanted to hop on and say, we miss you! Thank you for following our social media accounts and commenting to keep them active. And thank you for contacting us about what we might be able to do to help you – even if it that help has to look a little different. 

We truly are all in this together – but apart. 🙂