Sometimes you have to think outside the box and we are trying to do that right now.

This is such a confusing time for all of us. We believe everyone is trying to do what is best and we would like to lead by example. In doing that, we have had to make some changes to the way we would normally do business. We have had to make some tough decisions on where we shop to find the best deals for you. We want to make sure that if we send you into a store or a shop that the business practices follow our own in this crazy time. This means that when shopping for your rooms finishing touches, it may take a little longer and that supplies might be limited. We are exploring more and more on line options. 

We are still seeing clients but with even more distance in person and  in spacing our appointments. We are visiting clients with masks on and keeping a 6 foot distance as much as is possible. We ask that our clients also wear a mask when we are in their homes. We continue to schedule appointments further apart to ensure we can be as safe as possible between clients. This means that it might take longer to be able to schedule your appointment as we will have a set number of appointments in any given month. 

We are also looking at how to better offer you virtual design options for space planning, furnishings and decor. More will come on that in the coming weeks. Coffee table trays, accessories, photo frames, greenery to finish your projects are all things that we are considering packaging specifically for you and delivering to your front door as a sort of virtual store if you will. More will come on that in the coming weeks too. We are even looking at ways to do virtual paint consults for you with samples picked specifically for you and delivered to your front door.

That’s a long way of saying…we are still here. We are still working and we are trying our hardest to find new ways to help you in this ever challenging new world we all live in. If you have suggestions or a specific need, email us HERE. We’d love to hear from you and together we can make your space beautiful, while being at least 6 feet apart! 

We appreciate your patience and we are humbled by your support. 

Stay Safe! Be Well! 

Aimee and Tracyne


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